The boys at the m&g party today in Milan

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I am giving away this site who wants it? Once you get 300
Unique visitors a day the website host will give you a domain name (.org,.net etc…) Or you can contact them and purchase one. If you want this website Tweet me On twitter.

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Tomorrow/Later Today

I am not excited or happy. I have a dentist appointment today. Ths y are doing crowns on my root canals. But I am happy about having one less appointment to go to. =)

After the dentist I hope to go to walmart which is right next to the dentist.

After all my dental work

(should be by july) I will be buying a fitness pass. 🙂

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Justin and Jazzy


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Today Has been a good day (Online atleast!) Here’s Why:

So I started my Day with the James Yammouni show. Witch was really good If You Missed it You can Watch it on his you now.
After That I checked my DMS With Mariam I added people to it last night so they could talk to her. One of Them got a follow. SO I HELPED SOMEONE GET A FOLLOW FROM THEIR IDOL. I am so happy!
Someone added me in a group chat with Luke Hemmings right after. So I was and still am incredibly happy.
@SouthShoreRave and @preminishun Followed My Brand new Twitter (@RTtoGetVerified) @PhaseVMusic ReTweeted the Tweet I Tweeted.
(It is in my Faves)
@southshorerave Retweeted the Tweet I tweeted (It’s In my Faves)
So Today was a good day (Online wise)
And now I am going to be uploading my Janoskians pictures I promised Last night! 🙂

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Justin Goes from “Bad Boy” To” Prince of Pop “

Bad boy












prince of pop


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Shawn Mendes and the 6-Second Path to Stardom

“Shawn Mendes has a retort for those who knock Vine — the popular mobile app for six-second videos — as a creative medium.

“People could say, ‘Well, it doesn’t take much talent to put a six-second video up,’ ” said Mr. Mendes, 16, whose torrent of Vine videos began in 2013 and includes hundreds of micro-covers of songs by Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Sam Smith and others.

“I would argue that it does, because you only have six seconds to impress somebody,” he said. “And if you can do that in six seconds, then you’ve done a good job.”

This week, Mr. Mendes, a clean-cut 11th grader from Pickering, Ontario, impressed an awful lot of people in the music industry. His debut album, “Handwritten” (Island), opened at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, beating out the “Furious 7” soundtrack and new releases by Reba McEntire and Tyler, the Creator.

In the process, Mr. Mendes has come to symbolize the rapid changes in how new artists are bubbling up through the Internet and social media, and how the music business assimilates them. Over the last decade, the platform of choice for new acts has gone from MySpace to YouTube to apps like Vine and Instagram — where the audience includes not only young fans but also established stars and talent agents on the prowl.”

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Is Justin Retiring?

It turns out he may not be after all. He loves us beliebers. To read the article Go Here

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Check Out this New Online store!

This New Online store has the trends for 10-90% OFF! Go Here   Here is a Screen Shot of the website!:
















Order One Item at a time so you get your order faster! Here Is a Screen Shot of What I just Ordered!

what I just Ordered

I have ordered Some things from this site so far and ALL HAVE BEEN DELIVERED! SO THIS WEBSITE IS LEGIT! Just make sure to order one thing at a time so you get everything you order. Plus this site changes  every week so example before the wallet was 30% Off and this week it’s 88% Off! =)

I have Bought:

  • Cell pens (10 pack)
  • HotHuez
  • Sleep Mask
  • Cell pens (20 pack)
  • Mp4 Player

And now

  • The Wallet =)
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Avril posted a new video

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